Students who study piano at Tauscher Music are encouraged to participate in a full array of performance and playing activities. Due to the dedication of the Tauscher’s and excellence in the level of teaching and coaching, most students excel and achieve Local, state and National recognition.

Fall Festival
Students perform in a group environment in front of an audience and an adjudicator. Points are awarded yearly on a cumulative basis and plaques are awarded at various levels. In addition ribbons and certificates are awarded on a yearly basis.

Kansas State Music Teachers District Auditions
Students perform two or three pieces in front of an adjudicator for a state eligible rating or they may play for comments only.  Opportunities are available in solo, duet and chamber.

Kansas State Music Teachers Auditions
This is the second round for students who receive a state eligible rating at the district level. Trophies are awarded for first and second place, medals are awarded for honorable mention and ratings of one. All students receive a state certificate of participation.

Music Teachers National Association – Junior and Senior Competitions
This activity is for only the most dedicated students and consists of a state level competition, a divisional level competition and finally the national competition. This is one of the few programs that offers a category in composition.

Keyboard Achievement Auditions
This is a festival type of playing opportunity, unlike fall festival the students do not perform in front of an audience. The program is designed to be a positive experience. All participants receive a certificate and points are accumulated for trophies which are generally earned every other year.

Mid-America Music Association Festival
This festival has many opportunities in both individual and competitive performance. From solo to duet to concerto there is something for all. Participants receive trophies for a “Superior” rating. The festival runs every year, but rotates between Overland Park, St Louis and Omaha.